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A multidisciplinary body of specialists


Services for Young People is owned, managed and supported by a wide range of highly experienced professionals. We are committed to ensuring that all young people have the opportunity to access high quality educational provision alongside support to address their wider needs including their emotional and physical wellbeing within their local community.


Our team is made up of professionals from varied disciplines – teaching, educational psychology, speech and language therapy, social work, youth work and psychiatry (as well as having access to a wider professional network). We have had many years of experience working across multiple agencies within the public sector.


With this experience we are able to offer unique and innovative ways of thinking about, and addressing the needs of young people who find themselves very much on the periphery of society, rapidly heading towards the statistical pool of NEETs – those who are “not in education, employment or training”.

Our approach


Our core belief is based upon our wish, as a team of professionals with a wide range of expertise and training, to place the young person at the very centre of our thinking, in order that we can offer a completely holistic assessment of their needs. This assessment will reflect the diversity of the multi-disciplinary team and will be written up as a single fully-integrated assessment report – a completely new and innovative way of thinking about a young person’s needs - and which can then go on to inform a Personalised Plan for the young person.


This plan is a well-scaffolded and completely individualised programme of specifically focused interventions delivered in a manner aimed to assist learning. Strategies to address developmental needs, specific learning needs or speech and language needs would also be integral to the writing of the Personalised Plan. However there is also a clear appreciation embedded within the plan recognising that in order to address needs in learning, for many of these young people, there will also be concerns in their emotional and/or physical wellbeing that need to be acknowledged and addressed. There may also be features that need a social work perspective.Hence a Personalised Plan could be made up of modules that might involve interventions based on educational, psychological or therapeutic need, or, more than likely, all three.


We offer the following package:


A Holistic Assessment of Need,

A Single Fully Integrated Assessment Report,

A Personalised Plan

Learning to Learn


A social enterprise


As a social enterprise, we operate as a not-for-profit business, driven by our social values and principles, bolstered by our understanding of local needs. R² Services for Young People, as a social enterprise, is able to be both flexible and creative in its delivery when aiming to address specific areas of need for the young people with whom we work.


But we are also able to be receptive to the needs of the local community through our Advisory Group – an integral part of our corporate structure that encourages local representation, guidance and sharing of knowledge.


This will enable the community, and especially the young people, to feel part of what we aspire to achieve. With our extensive experience of working within either local authority or NHS statutory services we are all committed to working for the community, working with the community and being guided by the community.




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