Services for Young People



A collaborative partnership with Sparkle and Dark, Young Minds, deep:black, University of East London (Community Psychology) and schools across the London Borough of Haringey.


Given the heightened awareness about young people’s mental health needs it has become increasingly evident that we need to find creative and meaningful ways of engaging young people in a dialogue about emotional wellbeing and mental health. The I AM BEAST project was co-created to explore and evidence the possibility of drama and theatre being a place where a dialogue about mental health and emotional wellbeing can evolve.

Seeking Opportunities for Change


A Blog on NHS London's website outlining the HSJ Award winning project Time 2 Talk - a whole school approach to raising mental health awareness and challenging stigma across the whole school community. It is about creating opportunities for dialogue, and focusing on a relational approach to mental health

More than Mentors


Delivered through Community Links, in partnership with Anna Freud Centre Evidence Based Practice Unit and East London Foundation Trust the More than Mentors programme offers peer mentoring in schools and in community settings for young people (12 - 18yrs). This programme seeks to build emotional resilience in mentors and mentees, offering an evidence based preventative and early intervention approach to mental health and emotional wellbeing

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