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Changing Platforms

Changing Platforms is an intervention which targets young people (aged 13 +) who are struggling with their learning or access to employment or training. The focus of the work can be school based, or based in the community, but we look to work with individual and small groups of pupils who are not engaging in school, or employtment because of poor attendance and/or difficulties such as mental health or emotional and behavioural difficulties. Frequently these pupils have undiagnosed learning difficulties.

What makes R2 different is that we are a multidisciplinary group representing mental health, quality teaching, speech and language therapy and educational psychology. While teaching is the component that delivers Changing Platforms, our work is founded on this approach and draws on this skills base to inform what we do.

We engage young people through starting at a level where they achieve instant success. Through learning tasks and ongoing assessment we build a picture quite quickly of individual strengths and difficulties and incorporate programmes to build skills where there are gaps. Our approach is pragmatic. From the start it is linked to achieving certification at some level- from Entry Level to GCSEs. We focus upon essential learning such as English, Maths, Speaking and Listening and IT. We deliver the programme through 1 or 2 hour sessions 3 times a week, working alongside school staff so that the intervention can continue in the school setting and eventually the approach can be rolled out across inclusion departments and the school as a whole.

Changing Platforms aims to equip each young person with the confidence, motivation and skills to be able to access further education, employment and training. When school has ceased to provide a positive setting for learning, this intervention can provide a platform where young people can regain their sense of selves as learners, an awareness of where their skills lie in relation to the “next stage” and a clear vision of their journey as lifelong learners.

Through this intervention delivered alongside school staff, we aim to refocus inclusion in the school setting, or through employment and apprenticeships, so that lifelong learning can become accessible for all no matter how and when they learn to learn.

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