Services for Young People


Our aim is develop and deliver a wide range of creative and innovative tools, interventions and projects that will enable young people to start to believe that they can achieve and aspire and subsequently work towards a future that allows for inclusion and opportunities for participating and contributing to their wider community.

We are keen to meet up and work with organisations who share our belief in the potential of young people, and are looking to explore new ideas and opportunities for empowering young people.


A Game of 2 Halves


Whether we watch or we play “the beautiful game”, football gives us it all—the highs, the lows, the joy, the despair. The full range of our feelings and emotions can be shown in just 90 minutes of football. This is the beauty of the game. 


“A Game of 2 Halves” is a project that aims to recognize this potential in football and utilise our emotional connection with the game. With this connection we then hope to start making links between feelings and actions both on and off the pitch.  

By thinking about our actions and feelings we can then start to understand when they are helping us, adding and building on our strengths, but also when they are getting in the way and contributing to our difficulties. (Please refer to project page for more information)


Saying It As It Is


Saying It As It Is a program of language and communication development activities that aims to improve the speaking and listening skills of secondary aged children who are at risk of underachievement and subsequent marginalisation.


By using available literature on underachievement, the Say It As It Is delivery team will partner with schools and/or other voluntary organisations working with young people aged 14-16 who are identified as underachieving or at risk of underachievement. We are particularly interested in working with young people who need some extra help with developing their language and communication skills but who normally would not meet the threshold for external /statutory services. (Please refer to project page for more information)


Changing Platforms


What happens if you struggle to keep up at secondary school? If you have identified special educational needs, there is help available. If your needs do not meet this criteria there may be some support in Years 7 and 8. By the time you get to Years 9 and 10 you have little or no support and have had at least 2 years struggling in the lowest groups with less and less prospect of achieving the qualifications needed to move into further education and training.


Changing Platforms is an intervention which targets young people in a school or community setting. We aim to work with young people who are not engaging in school because of poor attendance and/or difficulties such as mental health or emotional and behavioural difficulties. Frequently these pupils have undiagnosed and/or unrecognised learning difficulties. (Please refer to project page for more information).

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